Meet the TeaM

Congressional District 2 Vice Chair: Jeff Swanson

Jeff Swanson, Colonel (ret) served both as an enlisted Marine in combat during Vietnam and as a Chaplain in the USAF for over 32 years on active and reserve duty. He was one of the last Vietnam veterans still on active duty when he retired in 2011. Jeff serves as the DPNM Deputy Treasurer, Chair of the Democratic Party of Otero County, Mentor Coordinator for the 12th Judicial Court Veterans Treatment Court, and he was the Democratic candidate for House District 51. He brings his extensive network in CD 2 and strong dedication to veterans and their loved ones to his work as a Caucus CD2 Vice Chair. Reach Jeff directly at 

Congressional District 2 Vice Chair: Shannon David Reynolds

Shannon Reynolds volunteered to serve in the USAF during Vietnam despite receiving a Class-H exemption from the draft. He was a Disbursement Accounting Specialist at Chanute AFB and a Security Police augmentee. His wife is also a veteran who served as one of the first female Jet Engine Mechanics on F-4s and F-15s at Holloman AFB. Shannon lost several friends in that war, saw many return home to be unappreciated and mistreated, and is committed to serve those who have served so bravely. Shannon was a City Councilor, is currently a Doña Ana County Commissioner, and serves as a Vice Chair of our Caucus for CD 2. Reach Shannon directly at