The 2024 session offers a great opportunity to improve the lives of New Mexico Veterans and Military Families. We thank the Representatives and Senators who are sponsoring legislation that seeks to improve our well-being and values our service.

Recognize Non-Citizen Veterans

  • This House Memorial would recognize non-citizen veterans and encourage the application of Federal benefits of expedited citizenship.

No Sunset on Military Retirement Tax Exemption

  • This Senate Bill would remove the sunset date of 2026 on the state income tax exemption for specified amounts of military retirement pay and extend it to surviving spouses.

Omnibus Military Bill

  • This Senate Bill would provide for professional license reciprocity, recognize Space Force as a military branch, provide for concurrent jurisdiction for military dependents who are juvenile offenders, and more.  These issues were developed for this bill with the collaboration of our Defense Service Liaison Officer to elevate New Mexico’s rating by the Department of Defense.

Remote Marriage for Deployed Service Members

  • This Senate Bill would allow for marriages to be solemnized using remote technology for parties deployed on military duty out of state.