Candidate Endorsement Process

by Claudia Risner, USN veteran and Chair VMFC

The VMFC’s Bylaws prohibit us from endorsing candidates in a primary election. However, once the results of the 4 June election are out, we look forward to offering any Democrat who ran unopposed or was victorious in their primary race an opportunity to seek our endorsement. This is how the 5-step process works:

  1. We will send a congratulatory email to each Democratic candidate for NM House, Senate and Congressional Delegation up for re-election explaining the process.
  2. Candidates who reply and join the VMFC will be sent a questionnaire regarding priority issues for veterans, military and our families in NM.
  3. Completed questionnaires will be evaluated by our CVA team.
  4. Candidates will be invited to a short Zoom interview (about 10 minutes).
  5. Those who have completed the above steps successfully will be endorsed, and we will send out graphics for websites, yard signs, and promotional material. We will list them on our website and VMFC members in those districts will be invited to help canvass, call, text, and integrate with the campaign team. Our goal is to have endorsements out in August.

This year we offer a fast track endorsement to those NM Representatives who we endorsed in 2022 and who have voted 100% of the time to support our priority legislation – our Champions. Fast Track means a candidate requests our endorsement and they will receive it! 

Democratic candidates for County, Municipal and Local offices who wish our endorsement should reach out to us at around mid-June. Provide a photo, name of the office sought, and link to your website and/or social media.

We are honored to be able to help get supportive candidates first across the finish line in November. We very much appreciate all of their hard work and look forward to working with you.