In a Democracy, representation matters! New Mexico deserves to have veterans and military family members elected into office. Our veteran population is 11% of our total state. This does not include servicemembers who call New Mexico home from our four active military bases, as well as our five Army National Guard units and one Air National Guard Special Operation Wing. This committee is focused on getting veterans elected – from city councils to the U.S. Congress.

Our mission:

  • Seek out and identify veterans and military families (VMF) members across New Mexico who are strongly committed to supporting our NM VMF communities and are considering running as Democratic candidates for public office. We are interested in first-time candidates, incumbents, and seasoned campaigners who have not yet won a race. Candidates must be professional, hard-working, and fully committed to both the campaign and fulfilling the requirements of their office – and they must be steadfast in their desire to help veterans.
  • Provide those individuals with mentorship and targeted support that can assist them in both fully understanding the issues important to our NM VMF communities and building successful campaigns.

Our resources:

  • Talent Scouts in each Congressional District are actively engaged and tapping into their community networks throughout the state.
  • Director of Candidate Development is a seasoned and effective professional political trainer who has been working with candidates for 27
  • Our Veteran’s Messaging Project: Speak the Truth is an exciting initiative of the Candidate Outreach Committee that is in its initial phase of development.

The Veteran’s Messaging Project: Speak the Truth

The Veteran’s Messaging Project will raise awareness within the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) of the large number of VMF members in our state, inform on pressing VMF issues, reinforce the value of VMF representation, and bring VMF candidates to the DPNM.

Likewise, the Project will raise awareness throughout the communities within which these candidates run for office.  It will demonstrate that the DPNM is the party of VMF because it works on their behalf in New Mexico!  

We will develop an extensive and comprehensive list of issues that affect VMF. These issues will then be developed into targeted “talking points” that define the issue, highlight the problem(s), and advocate for a feasible political solution. We will construct a “message calendar” under which we will strategically release our messaging (issues, data, and talking points) to candidates and their campaigns for use in speeches, debates, campaign literature, press conferences and townhalls. It is our goal to launch our first Message Alert to campaigns starting no later than November 8th 2021 – exactly one year from General Election Day in 2022.