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Feb 17, 2021

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm during the snowstorms across the State! As legislation continues to heat up in Santa Fe, I want to make sure and update you on key legislation:

COVID-19 Relief Package – Last week, we voted a package of bills in the Senate that gives much needed relief to working families and small businesses including a SB 1, which I am a proud co-sponsor. SB 1, 2, and 3 will allow for tax credits to working families, immediate grants to businesses affected by the pandemic, and reduced gross receipts tax for certain restaurants. This was my top priority – to fight for New Mexicans who need it most.

Fighting For Veterans And Military Families – Yesterday, I passed two key Military Family bills out of their first committee – SB 271 and SB 272. SB 271 (The Purple Star Public School Program) will ease the transition of students of military families who move schools while SB 272 (Advanced School Enrollment) will allow military families to enroll children in school prior to their physical presence in the State. I am also introducing SB 277 – Military Retirement Tax Exemption, this Thursday. All of these bills look out for our veterans, and the first two passed with broad bi-partisan support in committee.

Repeal Of Abortion Ban In New Mexico – You may remember that the biggest hurdle in passing the repeal of the outdated abortion ban was the State Senate. On Friday, the chamber voted 25-17 to repeal the ban. Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee passed SB 10, and it will head to the House Floor for a final vote. One of my top reasons for running was to protect women’s healthcare in New Mexico in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned. This is a giant win for women’s rights in our State.

Legalizing Recreational Cannabis – There are multiple bills being worked on in both chambers that will be heard. Yesterday, The House Health & Human Services Committee passed the Cannabis Regulation Act (HB 12) while tabling HB 17. I stand firmly in my support of legalizing recreational use as it will help bring much needed revenue for schools and infrastructure while negating underage use and provide much needed re-investments in local communities. I urge you to call your legislators here – and ask them to support this critical measure.

It is my honor to serve New Mexico. If you have an extra two minutes, please take a look at a recent profile by KOAT 7 on my journey to the Roundhouse:

As always, I am here to work for you. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to my office at 505-397-8843 or email me directly at


Harold Pope, Jr.

State Senator, NM-23

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