GRAICE under Pressure - Let's hear your story

by Richard Moody (military family), CD 1 Vice Chair

If you live in the East Mountains or drive Historic Route 66 through the village of Tijeras, you have probably seen, maybe even ventured into, the Museum of the American Military Family and Learning Center (or simply MAMF).  The museum celebrated its tenth anniversary in March 2021! It features an unusual collection of memorabilia specific to military families living overseas, displays and personal recollections of the “military brats” who went to Department of Defense schools around the world, and exhibits dedicated to the military spouses, usually Moms, who managed the myriad day-to-day details and ensured everything worked as best it could. The museum also has military uniforms and insignia, and an extensive book and video library that military buffs – like me – can spend hours looking at.
Dr. Circe Olson Woessner is the Founder and Executive Director of the museum, as well as a military brat herself, and a military spouse, and a military Mom. She started the museum to highlight the roles, contribution, and importance of military spouses and children.
The museum has an exciting new project underway and is looking for participants. It’s called E Pluribus Unum – GRAICE under Pressure: Your story in Historical Context. (GRAICE refers to Gender, Religion, rAce, Identity, Culture and Ethnicity.), the completed project will consist of blogs, podcasts, a book, and a curriculum. The survey seeks information and personal stories from active duty, veterans, military-affiliated civilian personnel such as (DoDEA teachers and GS employees) and their family members ages 18 and above. The information and stories submitted should be your own and not someone else’s. May 31, 2021 is the deadline to submit the completed questionnaire, with a projected publish date in November 2021. The questionnaire can be accessed here

MAMF currently has limited hours due to the ongoing COVID pandemic: Friday and Saturday mornings 8am to noon and by appointment. Masks and social distancing are required and there is a suggested donation of $3.00 per visitor. Please call 24 hours in advance for appointments – weekdays, (505) 400-3849; weekends, (505) 264-7184. Located just off I-40 exit 175 NM-14/Cedar Crest. Next door to the iconic Molly’s Bar.

For more information check out the MAMF website.