by Athena Christodoulou, (USN ret) Caucus CD 1 Vice Chair

But, what if the alarm sounded and no one did anything?

My fellow citizens, the alarm sounded November 26, 2018. Only it wasn’t the military who sounded it, it was American scientists. And the sound, timing, and message was very …underwhelming, to say the least.  Let’s face it…sometimes scientists suck at communicating to the rest of us. But, considering the political arena at the time, it was a miracle it made it out into the public at all. 

I am referring to the Fourth National Climate Assessment. I glanced through it and immediately panicked and froze. Phrases like “existential threat to humanity” (after a Google search) translated to “climate calamity will take out humanity.” Further reading confirmed the culprit…US! And fossil fuels. From extraction to product and multiplied by combustion.

In other words, every time I turned on my gasmobile, I was burning my grandchild’s future. Air travel was like an explosion of Greenhouse gases (GHGs). Heating my home and water…aargh! What can I do?!

As civilians, we depend on our military to save us from physical threats. Every member of all branches of service train to defend their people and country. Train to answer the call, alarm, orders, and danger. We raised our hands  and took an oath to “… support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;…So help me God.”

This Earth Day, let’s all commit to more than planting a tree. Let’s work together to add the Green Amendment to the Constitution.  Use pedal or foot power more. Exchange your gasmobile for an electric vehicle. Travel by air less. Convert from gas cooking to induction. Add solar water heating or photovoltaics (solar to electric). Change out your gas heating for a heat pump. Let’s make it Earth Decade.

“What about plastics and eating beef?” you ask. Stop right there soldier and get back to your post! Those are tactics of the enemy to distract, dissuade, and discourage you. This is an EMERGENCY! And scientists have finally been brave enough to ‘declare’ it as such. Read about it here. 

The alarm is still sounding. YOUR orders are to engage, electrify, and become more energy efficient. And on the way, help your children, grandchildren, and neighbors do the same. Make it happen!

The human race depends on it.