Message from Senator Brenda McKenna
District 9 Senator and Military Family Member

Dear NM Military Veterans & Families,

We will remember the 2020-2021 for many reasons. There has been hardship, devastating loss, insecurity, and fear. Many New Mexicans met the challenges with sacrifice, grit, and humility. I witnessed your public servants in the legislature do the same. I did not know, entirely, what to expect.
I am impressed with our NM state employees and our law enforcement services. They aided us expertly so we could convene and conduct the people’s work.

Some did not want the legislative session to convene; I am proud our Governor and legislative leaders for their stick-to-it-ness and pressing on to convene on 20 January 2021. We were able to do so because we had expert public health advice and protocols explained and demonstrated to us and we heeded their advice.

In light of the pandemic and security threats, your legislature carefully deliberated on priority areas that affect all of us and our families: Budget, economic recovery, opportunity, and development, broadband, education, healthcare, social justice and equity, the environment, veterans, voting and elections, and transparency.

Your Governor and legislature listened and acted on NM’s needs. Refinements were made to the small business recovery act, unemployment benefits were extended, a woman will not be charged with a crime for having an abortion, New Mexicans have access to end of life options, NM is state #17 to legalize adult-use cannabis, alcohol statutes were amended after 40 years, NM voters will vote on the early childhood permanent fund, we have a civil rights act, private employees have earned sick leave, community solar will be available, and we will have a citizen redistricting committee.

I have submitted my interest in, and have been appointed to, serve on the Military & Veterans’ Affairs interim committee. I am happy to share this news with you!

NM Proud!
Brenda McKenna
District 9 Senator
(Daughter of an Air Force Veteran)